Does Seattle Sutton's Offer A Renal Diet?

Our plans often work well for those needing a kidney-friendly diet.

KIDNEY DISEASE • May require changes to your diet to help keep your body functioning and feeling its best. The kidneys help to maintain the right balance of nutrients and minerals. If 
you have kidney disease, your kidneys struggle to do this job well and diet changes become vital. Diet changes with kidney disease vary from person to person depending on the stage of kidney disease, body size, and individual lab values. We are committed to providing you with convenient, dietitian-designed meals to help make managing your kidney disease easy and delicious.

KIDNEY DISEASE, STAGES 1-4 • In the early stages of kidney disease, patients are often recommended to limit sodium and possibly lower the amount of protein they are consuming. Following a diet similar to the DASH diet is often encouraged. Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating has many similarities to the DASH diet as it includes fresh fruits and vegetables, limits sodium, and focuses on plant-based proteins, poultry, and fish in the proper portion rather than red and processed meat. 

Improving the management of your blood pressure and diabetes control during the early stages of kidney disease may help slow the progression of the disease. Since all of our meal plans are all low in sodium, meeting the requirement set by the American Heart Association, and follow the guidelines from the American Diabetes Association many health care professionals working with renal patients often feel confident recommending our program to their renal patients. The focus on portion control and balanced meals make our delicious and convenient meals suitable for individuals in the early stages of kidney disease looking to better manage their health conditions. 

DIALYSIS • Patients nearing or already established on dialysis may have additional diet needs including limiting potassium, phosphorus, and calcium; protein needs may continue to be limited or may be increased. We are happy to provide our customers with a full nutritional analysis of our meals to review with their nephrologist or renal dietitian to see which meal plan fits into their dialysis treatment. Oftentimes our plan can be continued during dialysis and may help with the management of lab values due to our meals being portion-controlled, balanced, and low in sodium. Some small alterations to our meal recommendations such as substituting a 
plant-based milk for the dairy servings or an occasional swap in a fresh fruit may be encouraged to lower the amount of potassium or phosphorus in the diet, but the majority of meals are able to be enjoyed just as they arrive. 

If you are interested in a copy of our renal nutritional analysis or would like to talk to someone about how our plan may help with managing your kidney disease, we encourage you to contact one of our Registered Dietitians at 1.800.442.3438.


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