Does Seattle Sutton's Offer Nutrition Support?

We offer individualized nutrition support and counseling to our customers to take your success next level. Healthy eating requires a healthy mindset, learning the basics of healthy eating, understanding your health conditions, and knowing how to navigate all of that in a way that’s best for YOU!

We have real experts – two Registered Dietitians, a Certified Diabetes Educator, and a Registered Nurse on staff to help with our customers’ nutritional needs. Each professional has a varied background allowing us to offer recommendations and personalized counseling. We understand that nutrition needs are different for each individual depending on body composition, health status, goals, and medical history.

Our dietitians can calculate personalized calorie goals for you. Whether it’s a low-calorie diet for weight loss, low sodium for heart disease, or on a restricted diet for any other condition we are here to help you choose the best meal plan for you.

Hit a plateau or unsure what a healthy weight goal should be. Our dietitians are trained in weight management and can help you if your weight loss. Sometimes you just need a little motivation or someone to check in with, we’re here for you! We get it, change is not easy, and knowing someone’s got your back is the little boost you need to press on! The diet industry has many people confused about what is healthy and what is not AND what a realistic, healthy weight is. Our professional dietitians can help you determine if your weight goals are realistic and healthy for you.

Struggling with changes in your blood sugar, bowel changes, or other physical issues. Unfortunately, we can’t control our bodies. Wouldn’t be nice if we could just push a button and make that headache go away or turn a dial to control blood sugar numbers? Sometimes, it takes is a few tweaks in your routines such as when you are eating your meals or the amount of water.

Changing eating habits can be an emotional rollercoaster, and for some people letting go of food as a coping mechanism can feel impossible. 

Our team of experts understand the complexities of emotions and food, the difficulty of trying to break free from yo-yo dieting, and the frustration of sorting through nutrition information.

No matter what concern you have, our Registered Dietitians are here to help!


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