Do Your Meals Provide Support For Those With Kidney Disease?

Managing Kidney Disease can be complicated - let us help.

How much sodium is in your meal plans?
The American Heart Association recommends less than 2000 mg a day for a low sodium diet and 1500 mg a day for those needing more restriction due to congestive heart failure, kidney failure, and other conditions that require a very low sodium diet. Our meal plans meet these recommendations but vary depending on the calorie level due to the different portions. The averages per day for each plan is as follows:

1200 calorie plan: 1500 mg sodium per day

1500 calorie vegetarian plan: 1950 mg sodium per day

2000 calorie plan: 2300 mg sodium per day (this is the recommendation for the average American)

These nutrition calculations include the recommended 2-3 servings of dairy per day in addition to the 3 meals we provide. Some people choose to leave the recommended dairy servings off of their plan or swap it with an item that is equal calories but less sodium. For example, the 2000 calorie meal plan without the dairy would average 2000 mg of sodium per day and 1700 calories.

Are your meals suitable for someone with chronic kidney disease?

Yes, absolutely. We have a number of customers who use our meal plans to manage their chronic kidney disease. Since our plans are portion-controlled and follow the recommendations of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association they often work well as a kidney-friendly diet too.

If you have been given specific recommendations for potassium, phosphorus, or protein intake from your kidney care team, we often are able to provide a meal plan that will fit within those restrictions or else provide recommendations to achieve those levels. We also have a renal analysis spreadsheet for all of our meals which we would be happy to share with you.

If you currently have chronic kidney disease and are interested in our program, we recommend you contact our dietitian to help with adjustments or recommendations for which plan is right for you. You can reach them at or 815-770-2060.


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