How Many Carbohydrates Are In Your Meals?

We meet the recommendations across the board.

We follow the nutrition guidelines from the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans for all of our meal plans. We meet their recommendations for the number of carbohydrates in our meal plans. The average per meal varies depending on the meal plan you choose because of the different portion sizes for the different calorie levels but are as follows:

1200 calorie plan: 48 grams per meal

1500 calorie plan: 62 grams per meal

2000 calorie plan: 72 grams per meal

These research-backed organizations recommend 45-65% of calories come from carbohydrates, our meals average between 45-50%. General guidelines, recommend 45-60 grams per meal for women and 60-75 grams per meal for men. Customers are welcome to pull items out of meals to save for snacks or add to other meals to reach their personal carbohydrate goal. We also allow customers to use their recommended dairy servings for "flex calories" where they can swap out an item of equal calories in place of their milk. If they used their "flex calories" for an item that was carb-free, they would lower the carbohydrates by 24-36 grams per day.


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