What Is Included With My Meals? Do I Need To Add Anything?

Fresh and delicious food - it's that simple.

Great question! Unlike some other meal companies, all food including fresh fruits and vegetables is included in your meal packages. However, we do recommend adding dairy servings to our meal plan to get to the 1200 calorie, 1500 calorie, or 2000 calorie average per day totals. Our nutritional averages per day are calculated with the addition of 2 servings of nonfat dairy on the 1200 calorie plan and 3 servings of low-fat dairy on the 1500 calorie plan and the 2000 calorie plan. Dairy servings can be adjusted if a customer needs to reach a different calorie level or has restrictions due to lactose intolerance or individual nutrient targets. We also allow customers to use their dairy servings as "flex calories” if necessary. Our dietitians are happy to help you fine-tune a plan that will work for you.

Items that can be used as a dairy serving include 8 oz milk, 8 oz unsweetened, fortified plant-based milk, 1 container of fat-free/low-fat yogurt, 1 string cheese, or 1/2 cup cottage cheese. 


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