Are The Black Meal Containers Recyclable?


At Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating, we are always looking for ways to improve and grow. Even though we have been around longer than most other meal delivery programs, our commitment to green products and following strict nutrition standards has never changed.

Our GoGreen meal trays are made from polypropylene (#5 plastic) and are fully recyclable. Most curbside recycling programs accept these trays, but to confirm, check with your local recycling program. If your local curbside recycling program does not accept #5 plastics, refer to the Recycle Nation website to find an alternative location to recycle these.  Please rinse completely and recycle along with plastic jugs like milk and juice containers. 

Greener, Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The Go Green Process provides a Green alternative to standard thermoformed packaging, and the proprietary Green Technology takes the choice away from the consumer by having the Green factor built into the tray before the contents is added.  In addition, for those consumers that choose to recycle the tray at the end of life, All CPT GO GREEN trays are # 5 recyclable and could be disposed of in most curb side recycling programs. The Go Green solution actually offers your customer both a Cradle and a Grave Green Factor in your package.

The process of creating GoGreen meal trays use: 

  • 40% LESS WASTE than standard Thermoform trays
  • 30% LESS ENERGY used in production process
  • 20% LESS EMMISSIONS generated in production process
  • #5 RECYCLEABLE in Most Curbside programs
  • Up to 20% PCR content
  • LOWER Carbon Foot print more Planet Friendly

After you finish your Seattle Sutton’s meal just rinse out the container and add it to your recycling bin. Our trays are a sustainable option as they contain 100% bio-compostable sugar cane from renewable sources.


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