What Items In My Meal Set Are Recyclable?

We strive to create the least amount of waste for the environment.

Our environmentally-friendly GO-GREEN meal trays are made from recycled bottle caps. The trays are manufactured with a process that utilizes 30% less energy, 30% fewer materials, and 21% reduced CO2 emissions, and are 100% recyclable. We also opted to forgo the cardboard sleeve that many of our competitors use to eliminate additional waste.

The trays are fully recyclable with your curbside recycling. After you finish your Seattle Sutton's meal just rinse out the container and add it to your recycling bin.

The plastic bags that our meal sets come in are also fully recyclable as well. They are made of high-density polyethylene which is one of the most commonly recycled plastics. It is also considered one of the safest plastics to use. This type of plastic is the same as in milk jugs, oil bottles, and detergent containers. Our bags are also perfect to be reused since they are sturdy and easy to handle, feel free to use them any way you see fit!

We are not just concerned about the food you put in your body, but we are also mindful of how our packaging impacts the environment. Even though we have been around longer than most other meal delivery programs, our commitment to green products and strict nutrition standards has never changed.