What Items In My Meal Set Are Recyclable?

We strive to make the materials used in our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Box and Divider - All of our corrugated boxes are made from partially recycled cardboard and are curbside recyclable. 
  • Insulated Liner - For most customers receiving home delivery, we use PET liners and insulated liners made of recycled materials. PET liners are fully recyclable. A small portion of our home delivery customers receive meals with Styrofoam liners for extra protection from extreme weather. The Styrofoam liners can be removed and should be thrown away. 
  • Plastic Bags - These bags are reusable and great for storage, shopping, making charitable donations and so much more. If you wish, they are also fully recyclable. 
  • Ice Packs - Our ice packs are non-toxic and reusable. They can be easily rinsed off and reused. To dispose of the ice packs, simply cut open the film, throw the contents in the trash, and recycle the outer film where you recycle your plastic bags.
  • Plastic Meal Trays - These are made from polypropylene (#5 plastic) and are fully recyclable. Most curbside recycling programs accept these trays, but to confirm, check with your local recycling program. If your local curbside program does not accept #5 plastics, refer to the Recycle Nation website to find an alternative location to recycle these.  Please rinse completely and recycle along with plastic jugs like milk and juice containers. For more information on the sustainability of our meal trays, please check out GoGreen Meal Trays.


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